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Thursday, August 18, 2011
Today is a NICE day..

Today after lunch i went down to my Client's office for the rest of the day.


Well its a long story la.. but to make long story short - It is just due to some new security connection that requires a certain pass card then can login to our client's portal. And it was implemented SUDDENLY, we didnt had time to prepare ourselves before the change.

So it was quite screwed up initially - those who rely heavily on client's portal went MAD! I was one of the MAD one during the first week of implementation. So end up, we got to come down to client's office to use their connection in order to login and do our work lor..

But then not everyone can go down because we dont have enough laptops, as we use only desktops in our office. So only those with urgent cases will be sent down. For me is i tuuu~ and pend my work for 2 weeks already.. lol! So i requested to be sent down for today and tomorrow to clear my work. If not i think i going to get killed by both client and their customers..

Well, its reallllllly nice to be away from your bosses man.. TOTAL FREEDOM! But doesnt mean i never work hor.. is still work equally hard but in a more relax environment =) At least no one is there to monitor you ma.. haha..

Anyway, tomorrow i will be down at client's office again.. woohoo.. but it will be my last day there.. saddddd.. next week got to go back to my own office liao *sigh*

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today's blog is very simple.. one word to discribe my feeling today - TIRED!!

Early morning meeting until afternoon.. had a very late lunch like 2pm but by the time i finish my sandwich is like 4.30pm.. because most of the time i am working and not eating.. and had my half piece of doughnut around 6pm - 7.30pm..

By the time i look at the clock its already 8pm!!! omg~

Initially, i told myself ok its time to PACK and STOP WORKING!!! - since 6pm.. lolx!

Then finally at 8pm i told myself ok i MUST really STOP now.. if not i will continue working and can almost camp overnight in office already.. so after sending the last email, i quickly off my computer..

But when i get into the lift, i was like shit i forgot to do this report, shit i havent sent this email, and SHIT i still have ALOT of things undone!! AHhhh.. BUT, anyway its 8+pm already.. STOP WORKING!!!

Luckily my colleague dropped me off at Vivocity and just nice the bus came immediately, so i manage to save some time and got home by 9pm. =)

No dinner for me tonight, because i am TIRED and i have a weird meal today.. and i dont have the mood to buy/eat anything..

OK its now TIME to SLEEP!! Has been a horrible tiring day today.. GOODNIGHT!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Bra Bag for Travel

Finally received my bra bag today! Did not buy it from Gmarket this time.. hahaha.. i bought it from Face Book seller - "Our Sixth Ave" instead. It cost me $30 SGD.

For those who do not know what i am talking about.. you can refer to The Brag Company. They sell bra bags and panty bags which are very useful for travelling.

As ALL ladies will understand the PAIN~~ of spoilt bra while travelling.. when all your clothes, items and bra got squash up - which results to spoiling the shape of your bra. And when that happens, it SUX isn't it? The authentic ones cost around $80+ so i guess the one i bought is good enough =)

But....... i happen to check Gmarket, and saw this seller selling the authentic bra bag from The Brag Company - cost only $36.99 !!! Gosh~ just $7 more and you can get a genuine bra bag. Super worth it!

However, as no one has posted any picture of their item in their review, i can't 100% confirm that this seller is selling genuine bra bag.

So how to see if it is real or fake:
1) Look at the center bra ribbon - has to be BIG
2) Look at the handle of the bag - the handles has BUCKLES
3) Look at the right cup - there must be a LABEL

Easy to spot isn't it? Just compare my picture with the picture in the website.

(My Bra Bag)

(From The Brag Company)

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Monday, August 15, 2011
Hello Kitty iPhone 4 sticker cover

Wooohooo~!! my Hello Kitty iPhone 4 sticker cover is HERE!!! Yeahh!!!

This cost me freaking $27!!!! If buy directly from Strapya World is approximately $33-$35 because of the postage.. if not the item alone cost around $21. I see online got strapya spree but this particular sticker always sold out very fast.. so i dont want to wait.. the first time round already wait until sold out liao very sadddd..

So this time i might as well just buy it straight from Gmarket.. HAHA.. yeah from Gmarket AGAIN~ =D Get it done once and for all.. heehee..

Sorry cant show how it looks like after sticking it.. coz i havent bought my iPhone yet.. haha.. I will take a picture of my phone (in Oct) once i buy it! =)

Anyway.. you can refer to My Gallery (under the Menu @ the top right page) if you are interested to purchase this item!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011
Solutions to iPhone error 1013 / 1611

My stupid bf was updating his iPhone4 to the latest version and then suddenly his iPhone couldnt start as it kept prompting this error msg.

So I have helped him to search for solutions to solve the error. And this is the solution to the problem:

1. Edit Host File
On Mac:
* Open Finder
* Hold down COMMAND + SHIFT keys and press 'G'
* Enter "/private/etc/" in the field and press "Go"
* Find "hosts" file in the directory
* Drag the file to your desktop
* Open it in text editor
* Remove the line that has gs.apple.com entirely or put a # at the beginning of it to comment it out
* Save the file
* Drag it back to the /private/etc/ folder.
* You'd need to enter your username and password to authenticate the move

On Windows:

* Locate the hosts file in one of the following directories:
Windows 95/98/Me c:\windows\hosts
Windows NT/2000/XP Pro c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Windows XP, Vista, 7 c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
* Right click and click on "Open With..." and then click on "Notepad" on the list.
* Remove the line that has gs.apple.com completely and save the file.

2. Restart computer/iTunes
Did you shut down when you made the change? Rebooting the computer/Restart iTunes after editing the hosts file is a must to be sure the change is saved.

3. Do a quick test
To test if this has worked, put "gs.apple.com" in your browser. You should get redirected to a "www.apple.com/404/" error page. If you don't then something is still wrong with the DNS resolution for gs.apple.com and you probably haven't done it properly.

This will helps to clear your error and your iPhone should be able to start now.

Credits to: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2655717?start=0&tstart=0

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Gmarket Rulez! =)

Just now i was on my way to Long John Silver @ Novena Sq.. there is a HP accessories booth there.. so i thought maybe i can check out the bumbers to see if there is any nice sweet pink color.. but unfortunately~ NOPE.. dont have..


I came across the hellokitty lanyard docker that i bought from Gmarket (see picture in previous previous post). Gmarket cost me $10.90 (including postage).. and at Novena Sq it cost $15.90! i saved $5!!

Not just that.. same for color cable.. those booth selling at $8.. but Gmarket only cost $4.50-$6.50 (and the one i bought only cost me $4.10! - the cheapest i found).

I think very soon people will only buy from Gmarket (due to all the savings they can enjoy).. Imagine one item you save at least $3.. 10 items already save you $30!! Looking at my Gmarket previous transactions i definitely bought more than 10 items.. lol..

HOWEVER~~ it doesnt mean Gmarket has ZERO risk too! You must always do your homework before you purchase.. e.g. Reading reviews of buyers!! very important. this will tell you how reliable the seller is and whether the item is worth the purchase. But if you come across deals with no reviews at all.. this you got to take the risk already.. i did and so far *touch wood* has been all perfect purchase =)

Next is.. dont decide on the first link you see.. go through the list and see if other sellers are also selling the same things and do a price comparision (which is what i always did =) helps you to save even MORE).

For the benefits of those who don't know about this website:

This site sell almost everything and anything.. just do a search!
Items are mostly in Singapore, but still there are some that will be shipped over from Korea, China, US, Hongkong etc.


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Boring day @ Work

Working at Novena Sq today.. boring Sunday because no customers one.. zzZZ.. is my part time job though.. a sunday part-time job thingy..

Its 3pm soon.. havent had my lunch.. whole morning was just FB-ing and Gmarket-ing.. lolx.. think i have to control my Gmarket shopping liao.. kind of going out of hand.. everyday really just buy buy buy buy buy AND BUY~~~ think i spend quite a bit of my salary on it already =(

And now is mid Aug.. exactly 2 months 10 days more to iPhone!! Hai.. cant wait for Oct to come man.. seriously cant wait to change HP!!! My iPhone accessories are more or less completed.. already bought:
- hellokitty lanyard docker
- hellokitty button
- hellokitty casing (arriving next wk)
- white 1900mah portable battery (arriving end of mth)
- white dust plugs (arriving end of mth)
- baby pink iphone cable (arriving end of mth)

Guess i only left to buy a pink bumper & doubt i will get a HP pouch (if not it defeats the purpose of getting a hellokitty casing liao - like that who can see??)

This is also cute! It's a iPhone dust plug for the ear piece.. but very ex leh.. Gmarket selling @ $8.90.. not very worth right? Haix..

Can refer to My Gallery (under the Menu @ the top right page) if you are interested to purchase this item!

Okidoki think that's about it. Once my items are in I will post on blogger to show =)

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Monday, August 8, 2011
Quick updates

Ooops.... i got lazy again and didnt blog for some time.. wahahah..

Well nothing much happen lately.. except for:

1) 26th July - celebrated our 2nd year anniversary with my love @ Mezza 9 (Hyatt Hotel). It is about $100/pax for set dinner. Price is steep though but the service is very good and the food is about 8/10.

2) 29th July - bought some iPhone stuff.. *pls note i have not gotten an iPhone yet* I am just getting prepared first.. lolx! And what am i waiting for??? Because my mobile dont allow me to do so now.. i got to wait till October before i can buy a mobile phone.. Sucks isnt it?? Haix.. so i got to deal with my lousy stupid Satio Hp till Oct.

Bought these from Gmarket.. wahaha.. and more to come!! =)

Can refer to My Gallery (under the Menu @ the top right page) to review my buys too!

3) 6th Aug - watched Rise of the Planet Apes @ iluma. The show is very good. Worth the money watching in a cinema. Just that pray before you select your seat, if not you might be as unlucky as me as to sit beside a super NOISY PRC!! who couldnt keep her fucking mouth SHUT!! She is like a fucking narrator.. REPEATING what had happen in each scene.. she is damn lucky that the ppl there are in good mood.

I am trying to imagine if she is sitting beside some nasty ppl.. her face would have been slapped until she cant even squeak man..

4) 8th Aug - and today is the eve of PH.. its National Day tomorrow!! So NO WORK! wooohoooo!! love Aug man.. coz there is another PH at the end of the month! yipppy!

Hmm... think that's all for now.. will continue to update again when i have the time!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011
Movie - Wu Xia

When to watch Wu Xia at GV Plaza today. Aiyohhhh... the movie sux! lol! I wont say it is funny but i will use the word silly instead..

It is kind of a silly movie lor.. for you to laugh and find it lame.. the fighting part not a lot and it is very fast.. i think the ending is the worse!!! i have never seen such an ending before lo. Go and watch and you will understand what i meant.. you will definitely say "what the fuck?" lolx.

Overall out of 5 stars i will give 2 only.

Before that, we went to eat Nandos at PS for dinner. Remember to request for chicken tigh and try the non-spicy (lemon flavour) is niceeee. Partly becoz i dont take spicy food.. hahaha.. but the lemon one is really good. =) Their drink wise really so-so lo. They should really come out with more drink menu man.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Blog is Finally Done!

Yeah... my blog is finally done. Just finish editing everything, tagboard is up, links are working, profile updated.. =)

Now left the Gallery, pictures not up yet.

Blogging really takes up alot of time lor.. dont know how i did it last time, can blog like twice a day man.. my god~

Anyway, will try my best to keep it as updated as possible. It used to be very active with high reading volume in 2005-2007.. well.. lets see how it goes this time.. haha..

Oki! Time for bed!! Updates shall stop here =)

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