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Sunday, August 14, 2011
Gmarket Rulez! =)

Just now i was on my way to Long John Silver @ Novena Sq.. there is a HP accessories booth there.. so i thought maybe i can check out the bumbers to see if there is any nice sweet pink color.. but unfortunately~ NOPE.. dont have..


I came across the hellokitty lanyard docker that i bought from Gmarket (see picture in previous previous post). Gmarket cost me $10.90 (including postage).. and at Novena Sq it cost $15.90! i saved $5!!

Not just that.. same for color cable.. those booth selling at $8.. but Gmarket only cost $4.50-$6.50 (and the one i bought only cost me $4.10! - the cheapest i found).

I think very soon people will only buy from Gmarket (due to all the savings they can enjoy).. Imagine one item you save at least $3.. 10 items already save you $30!! Looking at my Gmarket previous transactions i definitely bought more than 10 items.. lol..

HOWEVER~~ it doesnt mean Gmarket has ZERO risk too! You must always do your homework before you purchase.. e.g. Reading reviews of buyers!! very important. this will tell you how reliable the seller is and whether the item is worth the purchase. But if you come across deals with no reviews at all.. this you got to take the risk already.. i did and so far *touch wood* has been all perfect purchase =)

Next is.. dont decide on the first link you see.. go through the list and see if other sellers are also selling the same things and do a price comparision (which is what i always did =) helps you to save even MORE).

For the benefits of those who don't know about this website:

This site sell almost everything and anything.. just do a search!
Items are mostly in Singapore, but still there are some that will be shipped over from Korea, China, US, Hongkong etc.


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