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Thursday, July 21, 2011
Movie - Wu Xia

When to watch Wu Xia at GV Plaza today. Aiyohhhh... the movie sux! lol! I wont say it is funny but i will use the word silly instead..

It is kind of a silly movie lor.. for you to laugh and find it lame.. the fighting part not a lot and it is very fast.. i think the ending is the worse!!! i have never seen such an ending before lo. Go and watch and you will understand what i meant.. you will definitely say "what the fuck?" lolx.

Overall out of 5 stars i will give 2 only.

Before that, we went to eat Nandos at PS for dinner. Remember to request for chicken tigh and try the non-spicy (lemon flavour) is niceeee. Partly becoz i dont take spicy food.. hahaha.. but the lemon one is really good. =) Their drink wise really so-so lo. They should really come out with more drink menu man.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Blog is Finally Done!

Yeah... my blog is finally done. Just finish editing everything, tagboard is up, links are working, profile updated.. =)

Now left the Gallery, pictures not up yet.

Blogging really takes up alot of time lor.. dont know how i did it last time, can blog like twice a day man.. my god~

Anyway, will try my best to keep it as updated as possible. It used to be very active with high reading volume in 2005-2007.. well.. lets see how it goes this time.. haha..

Oki! Time for bed!! Updates shall stop here =)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
New blog (again~)!

Its weird, my old blog doesn't work anymore. The link is correct, its the exact same URL as this newly created blog. But when i click it, it load and go to another page (which looks alien to me).

Haix. Anyway, start a new blog again.. lol.. i have been creating countless blogs till i even can forget which email address i used previously. wahahaha!

Back to blogging.. hope i wont start changing again.. =D

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